Sky keeps innovating, this time with a remote control feature

Sky Remote Control App

Sky is clearly one of the front runners on the British Social TV market. Just last month, Sky made it possible to store all their streaming content locally so one can take a film or series with them to watch it at places without, a bad or an expensive internet connection. So know, even on an airplane, one can watch their favourite show with Sky Go Extra

Today however, Sky launches a new indoor feature. Customers with a internet-connected Sky+HD box and an Android smartphone or tablet will be able to use their phone or tablet as a remote control. The feature comes as an update for the already existing app that allows you to browse through the Sky EPG, record shows, get recommendations etc. etc.

Just like Dijit is trying to build an integrated platform for discovering content, commenting whilst watching and controlling the main screen from the same app, Sky seems to be doing the same. The question is if this is enough for Sky to survive. Companies like Dijit are not limited to only one network or publisher but allow customers to talk and discover potentially all streaming content available in the world. Would that not be something people would prefer above a dedicated app for every network? Time will tell.