Use HBO Go on your Apple TV

HBO Go on Apple TV

No, there is no HBO Go app for Apple TV but there is a new version of the iOS app that allows you to stream HBO Go content to your Apple TV using AirPlay. This news was brought by President and COO of HBO Eric Kessler at the D: Dive Into Media event. The app can already be downloaded and the Airplay option is also available for the Cinemax MAX GO app from HBO.

Streaming from your phone or tablet might be even better then playing from Apple TV. More and more second screen devices will act like a remote control. However, using a seperate app for every content supplier / channel might not be best solution in the end. But that’s why there are companies like Dijit that try to combine a remote control, an EPG and social features.

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Viggle Q4 results: growth in revenue, registered users and check-ins


Since Viggle and GetGlue decided to try to win the battle for Social TV on their own instead of together, both companies show a great effort to broadcast success. Because of their listing on the stock market, Viggle has to release quarterly results and when they did today, it offered some insights on how they are doing.

Financially Viggle is still a small company. And a start-up, so revenues are relatively small (USD 3.875 million, up 88%) and no profits although adjusted EBITDA was less than the previous quarter (minus USD 6.45 from minus USD 8.4 million).

More important are off course the number of registered users and active users. Viggle definition of a registered active user is “Registered active users are computed by determining those users that are both registered on the Viggle app and have earned points within the preceding 90 days.” and “Monthly active users are computed by determining those users that are both registered on the Viggle app and that have earned or redeemed points, other than points received for registering for the Viggle app, in the particular month.”
The registered active user base grew to 1.62 million people and about 349k were monthly active on average during the last three months of 2012. Another interesting metric is that monthly active users were using the service 9 days per month on average.

So what does that mean for television stats? Well, Viggle users checked-in on 133,341,953 TV programs and spent an average of 75 minutes of active time within the Viggle app per session.

According to TechCrunch, advertisers are pretty happy with Viggle as is only charging them based on performance. Currently, Viggle is working with advertisers like Capitol One, Wendy’s, Burger King, Mercedes, ABC, PBS and PG & E.


Native YouTube app for PS3 in 19 more countries

YouTube app for PS3

Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Russia and the United Kingdom are the lucky countries where YouTube is now available as a native app on the PS3. The app was already available in the US and Canada and on other platforms like the Nintendo Wii / Wii U and Microsoft Xbox 360.

Even though it was possible to watch YouTube via the web browser, a native app offers often a better experience. One other benefit is the possibility to login with your YouTube account and access your favourites and subcribed channels including HD channels. And you can pair your phone with the app allowing you to use your smartphone as a control for the YouTube app.

The app can be found in your XMB under TV & Video Service

New iPhone app GetGlue brings new features, partners with the GRAMMY Awards

GetGlue version 4 for iPhone

The new version of the iPhone app brings certain features we have seen on the iPad before to your pocket. Version 4, available effective today, will have a new main feed that combines updates form friends and shows and integrates video clips, pictures ands recaps.
The Guide has been updated too. It’s personalised and contains live scores and stats from sports games. It also shows information about films in theaters and major events next to updates on television shows and other tv content and it has been made easier to interact with friends, even if they are not on GetGlue. A Facebook integration allows you to chat with Facebook friends without leaving the app.

The new app also brings the new Promoted Entries feature that was first introduced during the Super Bowl. Just like promoted stories or tweets, GetGlue is trying to attract advertising money by offering any kind of content to appear on top of feeds within the app. Since users can share this content, GetGlue hopes to generate a viral effect from this.

GetGlue is partnering with the GRAMMY awards. All fans who check­in to the GRAMMYs via a GetGlue widget will unlock exclusive branded stickers. In addition, five lucky fans who check­in will win special prize packs, and finally, one very lucky fan will win the grand prize: two seats to next year’s GRAMMY awards.

Twitter buys Social TV Analytics company Bluefin Labs, strengthening position in Social TV

Twitter TV

Twitter is making a big move again into Social TV today with the acquisition of Social TV Analytics company Bluefin Labs. Although not official yet (Business Insider broke the news and AllthingsD confirmed), the indication is that with a around USD 50 to 100 or more million this is going to be the most expensive take-over for Twitter so far. Clearly this shows that Twitter is serious about fulfilling a dominant role in Social TV. It is already very dominant in the conversation around tv shows. See for example last Super Bowl were it beatet Facebook with 27.7 million tweets against 2.8 million public Facebook messages. And they also started the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating in together with Nielsen after appointing Fred Graver as a dedicated Head of TV. One could even say that Twitter is all about Televison now. Let’s see where they are going with this.


Never a dull moment, Dijit buys Miso


Just after the GetGlueViggle merger failed, there is some new exiting news. Dijit is buying Miso. Miso is one the oldest Social TV services that allows you to check-in on series and films. More or less like GetGlue.

Dijit started of as a remote control alternative allowing you to control your television with your smartphone or tablet but moved into the Social TV Guide business with the acquisition of NextGuide. Together this created a strong base for a discovery app that also allows you to control the main screen.

A lot of details still have to be worked out or been released, but accoring to Techcrunch Miso’s check-in service and Sideshow companion app will remain but the recently released app Quips that allows you to capture and share specific fragments of television series is supposed to be discontinued.

Clearly, the market for Social TV is heating up. Let’s see who will be next.

Promoted Entries, GetGlue partners with Pepsi in a first attempt to monetize during Super Bowl

GetGlue Pepsi Super Bowl

Since te merger between GetGlue and Viggle is not going to happen, both companies have to explore other ways in staying alive. Like monetization. Traditionally, one of the first things to do is to explore an advertising model. GetGlue found their big partner in PepsiCo to introduce their version of promoted content: Promoted Entries. And it will be part of traditionally the biggest event in advertising: The Super Bowl XLVII.

GetGlue’s Claire Glendel describes it in a blog on GetGlue: “With the launch of Promoted Entries, we are offering advertisers a way to connect with their customers around TV shows, movies, and major events”. So what does that mean? So far it looks like some sort of ad that can be targeted to a certain audience. If liked or commented on, the Promoted Entry will appear in friends feeds. From the blog post at GetGlue one could derive that these ad’s could be video as well.

If you are going to watch the Super Bowl XLVII, don’t forget to check-in on GetGlue as there are also special Pepsi stickers to be unlocked.