Finally, a film is launched at the same time online as in theater


Life on the old continent is pretty comfortable but it comes with some disadvantages every now and then. Feeling last in line is one of them. New software? First available in the US. New products? Only shipping to America. New films or series, sorry, you have got to wait. At least a few months. And though a lot of people find ways to watch new shows (and even films) the same day they are broadcasted, it is not the preferred way. The quality is not always as good as you like, no subs or worse, dubs or hardcoded subtitles in a language you do not understand and it feels not entire right.

Enter Netflix. After all these years of being the victim of the windowing system – the system the traditional film industry used to milk as much money as possible out of every production (past tense, I doubt this is still the case), the VOD-company is trying to take on this system

Together with the Weinstein Company Netflix will bring the sequel of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (The Green Legend) on the big screen in your house and the cinema at the same time. The original film is still available on Netflix and absolutely worthwhile to see, so check this out before the sequel is released in 2015. However, I enjoyed the first film in theatre because of the beautiful graphics. So I might even go and see the sequel there as well. In the end this might be even the best outcome of this experiment. Finally the consumer has a choice. Even though the film is available on Netflix, some will go to the cinema because of the different experience.

We’ll see!



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