New Apple TV software will make it more like Chromecast

Apple TV

According to AllthingsD Apple will release a new version of their TV product, but it will only a new version of the software. That is why it will be released next week (September 18), together with the release of iOS7. The biggest change is to make the Apple TV act more like Chromecast in the sense that it is no longer needed to download the content to your mobile device and stream it to the Apple TV but the content will stream directly from the cloud to a Apple TV using Apple’s AirPlay.


TV app Vidora is moving into the right direction of the new TV experience


Forget the Smart TV, even forget the set-top box, the future of TV is mobile. Previously dubbed the second screen, your mobile device is actually the primary screen. Or at least it should be. It is yours, it is personal, it is connected and it contains already a lot of personal data. So the easiest way to find and select streaming content and share and discuss this with others would be via your tablet or smartphone. The only thing that one could need is another device for is actually watching the content. A mobile device might just have too small a screen or too bad a sound quality to fully experience the broadcast. But if the stream could be pushed to a bigger screen, that problem would be solved too. So why is there no such app. Well, actually there is (more or less). Meet Vidora.

Vidora is an iPad app that helps to discover video content (free and premium like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime) and allows you to push it to a TV screen using the Apple TV Airplay.

Truth be told, Vidora still needs Apple TV and it does not work (yet) for other devices but on the other hand with Miracast and Chromecast on the market now there are some alternative technologies.

Use HBO Go on your Apple TV

HBO Go on Apple TV

No, there is no HBO Go app for Apple TV but there is a new version of the iOS app that allows you to stream HBO Go content to your Apple TV using AirPlay. This news was brought by President and COO of HBO Eric Kessler at the D: Dive Into Media event. The app can already be downloaded and the Airplay option is also available for the Cinemax MAX GO app from HBO.

Streaming from your phone or tablet might be even better then playing from Apple TV. More and more second screen devices will act like a remote control. However, using a seperate app for every content supplier / channel might not be best solution in the end. But that’s why there are companies like Dijit that try to combine a remote control, an EPG and social features.

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