Peel gets a USD 50 million investment from Alibaba

Peel Smart Remote

Peel released the news that Alibaba invested a serious amount of money this spring in the global smart remote companay. With the USD 50 million from the e-commerce giant, the total investment in Peel totals to USD 95 million.

Alibaba was already one of the investors in Peel. But because of the IPO, the investment was kept quite until after the listing.

According to Peel, Alibaba is acting like a traditional investor but it does make sense that both companies are going to work together as well, for instance on certain e-commerce solutions for TV using Peel for recommendations and ordering.

One other area Peel might move into is connected home / smart home. With the Peel remote it would be possible to control all connected devices in houses.

Alibaba goes Smart TV


Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant run by the infamous Jack Ma and is still partly owned by the American tech company Yahoo, is expanding into Smart TV according to the Wall Street Journal.

The technology company is introducing both a Smart TV operating system and a set-top box in an attempt to turn coach potatoes in happy customers.

Alibaba already has a massive e-commerce presence in China and a payment infrastructure called Alipay that facilitate half of the online payments made in China already. Together with the new Smart TV infrastructure, this could be a powerful combination.

The Smart TV’s are to be developed together with Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd., Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. and Qingdao Haier Co. And the set-top box is developed with Wasu Media Holding Co.

So far, no prices or specific release dates have been announced, but expect more news on this in the coming months. Maybe Alibaba will show something at the IFA at Berlin coming September.