“Amazon will launch a Kindle TV set-top box”

Kindle TV

According to Businessweek, Amazon is getting ready to launch a streaming media device. The set-top box would allow users to access the content library of Amazon (Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime) and the suggestion was made that the box could be  named Kindle TV.

In a way it does make sense that Amazon is coming with dedicated hardware. Microsoft has its Xbox, Google has Google TV en Apple is still selling a lot of Apple TV’s. And with the Kindle, Amazon has shown that it can build hardware and that they feel that having own hardware is vital to ensure customers enjoying your product. However, there they do not have a very impressive library. And without that, no service is going to fly. Luckily Amazon knows this and is currently testing 14 different new episode of which at least one of them will become a full show.

Next to that, I think there is still a big chance that smartphones and tablets will take could be the main device for discovering video content and streaming it to a bigger screen. In that case, Amazon can still call it Kindle TV, but all they have to do is to add the feature to their Kindle.


Illustration by Tom Cheredar

Zombieland is coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video

Zombieland Amazon Prime Instant Video

Another pilot is going to be produced by and for a streaming video service. This time it is Amazon that is green lighting the production of at least a pilot episode for Zombieland, as they announced today. Zombieland will join 12 other pilots being produced by Amazon Studios. The public will have an opportunity to decide which of this pilots will become a full season production.

Zombieland is based on the Columbian Pictures film of the same name and currently has a score of 7.7 on Amazon’s own IMDB.