Amazon Prime Video has finally arrived

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon finally launched its long expected Netflix competitor Amazon Prime Video today. The American technology giant claims availability in over 200 countries and territories in the world which means basically everywhere (officially there are 195 countries) and starts with a very competitive pricing. After a trial period of 6 months the monthly fee goes up from 2,99 to 5,99 which is almost half the price of a Netflix subscription.

Content wise, there is a mix of existing films and series and Amazon Originals. Movies like The Godfather trilogy, Pulp Fiction, Grease and Ace Venture) and TV-shows like Justified, The Shield and Seinfeld are well known blockbusters. BBC Top Gear successor The Grand Tour is probably the best known Amazon Original.

There is the Amazon Prime app for watching the movies and series on phones, tables or smart-tv’s (up t0 3 devices) and it is also possible to watch using a browser. Just like Netflix recently launched, Amazon allows  downloads as well in order to watch offline.

A nice feature that Amazon Prime Video provides is the integration with IMDb. Amazon bought the Internet Movie Database back in 1998 and uses the data to enhance video content. Hoovering ones mouse whilst watching an episode or film triggers an overlay displaying the names of the actors and actresses in that particular scene. Also the artist of a particular part of a soundtrack can be pulled up like that. Very nifty.