“Sony close to a streaming deal with Viacom”

Sony Internet TV

Sony has been experimenting with streaming & on demand video / TV with their Google TV set-top box, the Sony NSZ-GS7 (discontinued) and its successor the Sony NSZ-G8 as well as a on demand library that is available through their PlayStation gaming console. However, that did not stop them thinking about future developments. Today, the Wall Street Journal brings the news that Sony is close to a deal with Viacom allowing them to stream all the Viacom content like Comedy Central, MTV, BET, CMT, VH1, Nickelodeon and Spike trough their own Bravia and PlayStation platforms and maybe even their Xperia Smartphones and eReaders.

Since Sony is rumoured to be negotiating deals with Walt Disney Co., Time Warner Inc. and CBS Corp as well, this could the want to create a serious competitor of Amazon, Google and Apple on the one hand and Netflix and the like on the other.

“ABC is bringing live television to your mobile device”

ABC Disney

According to unidentified sources around the New York Times, ABC is working on something new. Instead of having to wait a day or longer after the original airing on tv, ABC is rumoured to be building an app that allows you to watch the show at the same time on your mobile device as it is aired for traditional television. This would be something completely new. Instead of traditional broadcasting, this would mean truly multicasting. How they are going to do it (this might cost some bandwidth) and how they are going to deal with security and other restrictions has to been seen. But it is good to see them at least think about it.