TVTag (GetGlue) is no more


Earlier this year GetGlue rebranded into tvtag trying to create a fresh start for the social TV checking service after is was sold to i.TV. Too little too late it seems since the service is shutting down. Users can request a copy of their data by sending an email to [email protected].

It is unclear if and how this will effect i.TV as a company and if certain features from tvtag are being included in their TV Guide app. The Android app has not been updated since April 2013 and the website of the company does not appear to have been updated recently. Time will tell.

Nielsen TV Twitter Rating is going live today

Nielsen Twitter Rating

The rise of global hit series and the need watchers feel to chat with friends during linear programmed television has brought us start-ups like GetGlue but also a lot of buzz on Twitter and Facebook. With Twitter going public, the need for growing revenue streams is increasing and one of the area’s it finds promising is TV. For that reason, they bought analytics companies and created a joint venture with the traditional TV tracking company Nielsen. Together they will measure both the number of tweets mentioning a specific show and the number of Twitter accounts that reach this tweets. This data is important to both TV networks and advertisers as they are looking for new ways to measure reach and in the end will effect the price of commercials. The service is called Nielsen TV Twitter Rating and will go live today.
But this is only the beginning. Don’t be surprised to see promoted tweets showing up from the same advertisers as on TV. Maybe even with extras or attempts to have the audience engage. Stars or community managers might join the conversation making the show even more appealing to the audience.
But also more targeted promoted tweets will arrive to your timeline during a show as Twitter knows obviously a lot more about you than only what you are watching.

Gnip now also includes data from GetGlue


Gnip, the company that calls itself “The Social Media API” has a mission to collect all social media data. They already get data from Facebook, WordPress, Twitter and Tumblr now also have firehose access to the GetGlue data.

GetGlue is one the most prominent social tv check-in services where you can check in what you are watching and comment on a series or film.

Since Gnip services 8 out of 9 of the largest social media monitoring companies, this is also a great opportunity for GetGlue to gain more visibility.

Second Screen company TunedIn acquired by traditional publisher Axel Springer


Berlin based TunedIn, a Social TV app that facilitates social discovery as a basis for selecting streaming video  has been acquired by the traditional publishing company Axel Springer. The German publishing mogul was already working with TunedIn before the acquisition, so the take-over was not a complete surprise.

TunedIn will probably combined with another acquisition Axel Springer  did a year ago when they took over recommendation technology APRICO from Philips to strenghten their Axel Springer Digital TV Guide that already includes Watchmi – Personal TV from TV DIGITAL.

It is to be expected to see more of these kind of acquisitions in the near future. It seems there is a run for TV check-in services / Social TV discovery apps. GetGlue, Dijit, Viggle Miso, but also a platform like Vinson that was (re)launched yesterday in Barcelona are gaining momentum. Especially now Samsung is not only expanding in hardware with their HomeSync but also in apps with TV Discovery, a new Xbox that is almost there and of course Apple’s TV hobby Apple TV or iTV will show tight integration of mobile devices, apps and a big screen. More and more, the intelligence seems to be in the mobile device leaving the “Smart TV” as a pretty “dumb” but excellent display.


Academy Awards infographic

All major events generate a lot of social platform activity these days. And with all that data, one creates infographics. So did Trendrr.TV. Based on activity on Twitter, Viggle, Facebook and GetGlue, they visualised the conversation during the Oscar event last night.

Infoggraphic Oscars

Viggle Q4 results: growth in revenue, registered users and check-ins


Since Viggle and GetGlue decided to try to win the battle for Social TV on their own instead of together, both companies show a great effort to broadcast success. Because of their listing on the stock market, Viggle has to release quarterly results and when they did today, it offered some insights on how they are doing.

Financially Viggle is still a small company. And a start-up, so revenues are relatively small (USD 3.875 million, up 88%) and no profits although adjusted EBITDA was less than the previous quarter (minus USD 6.45 from minus USD 8.4 million).

More important are off course the number of registered users and active users. Viggle definition of a registered active user is “Registered active users are computed by determining those users that are both registered on the Viggle app and have earned points within the preceding 90 days.” and “Monthly active users are computed by determining those users that are both registered on the Viggle app and that have earned or redeemed points, other than points received for registering for the Viggle app, in the particular month.”
The registered active user base grew to 1.62 million people and about 349k were monthly active on average during the last three months of 2012. Another interesting metric is that monthly active users were using the service 9 days per month on average.

So what does that mean for television stats? Well, Viggle users checked-in on 133,341,953 TV programs and spent an average of 75 minutes of active time within the Viggle app per session.

According to TechCrunch, advertisers are pretty happy with Viggle as is only charging them based on performance. Currently, Viggle is working with advertisers like Capitol One, Wendy’s, Burger King, Mercedes, ABC, PBS and PG & E.


New iPhone app GetGlue brings new features, partners with the GRAMMY Awards

GetGlue version 4 for iPhone

The new version of the iPhone app brings certain features we have seen on the iPad before to your pocket. Version 4, available effective today, will have a new main feed that combines updates form friends and shows and integrates video clips, pictures ands recaps.
The Guide has been updated too. It’s personalised and contains live scores and stats from sports games. It also shows information about films in theaters and major events next to updates on television shows and other tv content and it has been made easier to interact with friends, even if they are not on GetGlue. A Facebook integration allows you to chat with Facebook friends without leaving the app.

The new app also brings the new Promoted Entries feature that was first introduced during the Super Bowl. Just like promoted stories or tweets, GetGlue is trying to attract advertising money by offering any kind of content to appear on top of feeds within the app. Since users can share this content, GetGlue hopes to generate a viral effect from this.

GetGlue is partnering with the GRAMMY awards. All fans who check­in to the GRAMMYs via a GetGlue widget will unlock exclusive branded stickers. In addition, five lucky fans who check­in will win special prize packs, and finally, one very lucky fan will win the grand prize: two seats to next year’s GRAMMY awards.

Super Bowl: Social TV in numbers

The game was thrilling until the last few seconds, Beyoncé performed a dazzling halftime show (live this time) and there was a black out leaving everyone in the dark. So there was much to talk about. And you did. This year’s edtion of the Super Bowl was again a big success on the various social networks. According to BlueFinLabs, a smashing 30.6M social media comments were made. Most of the came from Twitter (27.7M tweets), (public) Facebook added 2.8M messages and GetGlue counted 108K checkins.

The total growth of 150% against last year was enough to take the first place in the All Time Most Social TV Events, pushing recent Election Night to a second place. For those who like the stats better in a picture, a nice infographic below.

2013 Super Bowl XLVII Infographic

Never a dull moment, Dijit buys Miso


Just after the GetGlueViggle merger failed, there is some new exiting news. Dijit is buying Miso. Miso is one the oldest Social TV services that allows you to check-in on series and films. More or less like GetGlue.

Dijit started of as a remote control alternative allowing you to control your television with your smartphone or tablet but moved into the Social TV Guide business with the acquisition of NextGuide. Together this created a strong base for a discovery app that also allows you to control the main screen.

A lot of details still have to be worked out or been released, but accoring to Techcrunch Miso’s check-in service and Sideshow companion app will remain but the recently released app Quips that allows you to capture and share specific fragments of television series is supposed to be discontinued.

Clearly, the market for Social TV is heating up. Let’s see who will be next.

Promoted Entries, GetGlue partners with Pepsi in a first attempt to monetize during Super Bowl

GetGlue Pepsi Super Bowl

Since te merger between GetGlue and Viggle is not going to happen, both companies have to explore other ways in staying alive. Like monetization. Traditionally, one of the first things to do is to explore an advertising model. GetGlue found their big partner in PepsiCo to introduce their version of promoted content: Promoted Entries. And it will be part of traditionally the biggest event in advertising: The Super Bowl XLVII.

GetGlue’s Claire Glendel describes it in a blog on GetGlue: “With the launch of Promoted Entries, we are offering advertisers a way to connect with their customers around TV shows, movies, and major events”. So what does that mean? So far it looks like some sort of ad that can be targeted to a certain audience. If liked or commented on, the Promoted Entry will appear in friends feeds. From the blog post at GetGlue one could derive that these ad’s could be video as well.

If you are going to watch the Super Bowl XLVII, don’t forget to check-in on GetGlue as there are also special Pepsi stickers to be unlocked.