LG buys webOS, will use it for Smart TV’s

LG Smart TV

LG announced today it has bought all webOS patents and software from HP with the idea of using it to build Smart TV with it.

Back in 2010, webOS came in to the hands of HP when the company bought Palm. After that, several attempts were made to make good use of the operating system, but they all failed.

If LG is really going to use webOS for Smart TV’s, it would mean another ecosystem in the already crowded Smart TV space. And it would also mean that LG has to think about using webOS for mobile phones as smartphones and Smart TV’s are increasingly integrating with each other. More and more mobile devices are used as an EPG or discovery tool that allow streaming to the big screen, but also apps for mobile devices are available on the television. This is one of the major advantages Google has with its Android platform and this is exactly why so many people are expecting something from Apple.

So trying to create an entire new ecosystem might proof to be very difficult if not impossible.