Update for Apple TV on its way including iTunes Radio, Conference Room and one-tap set-up

Apple TV

Apple’s hobby project that remains to be mysterious in the way that it seems not to be a focus product but despite that has a growing number of owners (Apple sold over 13 million units so far) is getting new features. At least, that is what the new Apple TV 5.4 beta 3 shows.

To begin with, the new version will include iTunes Radio. One could argue why they did not include it in the first place (legal reasons?), but no matter the reason, you will be able to select your music from your TV any time soon.

Connecting your iDevice with your TV is also getting more easy. With the introduction of the one-tap set-up all you have to do is, well, tap once and you are good. Although apparently this will only work for the latest iPhones and iPads as it needs Bluetooth 4.0 (low-energy Bluetooth) to make this happen.

The new Conference Room feature is a Display mode to be used in a conference room. Apparently Apple is expecting a lot of office users or already knows this from looking into their customer base.

Oh, and one more thing, subtitles will be adjustable in the new version. A very welcoming feature as nothing can be more irritating and distracting than a subtitle that is out of sync.