Watch live events from Livestream now on your big screen with Roku


Sometimes an event is too expensive, too far away or one just does not have enough time to go there. In that case it is nice to watch the live stream of an event. Some events stream their event themselves, some companies already work with the Livestream to broadcast their event. Until now, it was possible to watch the live stream via internet but now there it is also possible to watch it on the big screen. That might create a better experience and also solves the problem of working on the same computer as the live stream.

In order to watch the events, the only thing needed is an app on the Roku media player.

Both companies could benefit from this and there will probably more platforms that will try to integrate live streams as the difference between various sorts of streaming content are rapidly disappearing and a lot of live events (presentations, red carpet events, talks) are just as interesting as “normal” TV.

BitTorrent Live: everybody becomes a broadcaster

BitTorrent live

BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen allegedly has been working on it for 3 years now and now it is ready for you. BitTorrent Live claims to eliminate barriers for broadcasting cutting down on infrastructure and other backend costs. A newly developed protocol based on the same peer-to-peer technology used for BitTorrent will turn everybody into a “miniature broadcaster”.

To use BitTorrent Live, a browser plugin is needed. Broadcasting will be possible from all sorts devices, ranging from desktop computers to mobile devices.

This new service of BitTorrent might prove to be a powerful competitor for companies like Ustream, Livestream and Twitch.TV but I guess network companies and large publishers will be very interested to see if this could help them as well.