Apple buys video recommendation app

Matcha TV

All of a sudden the app disappeared from the App Store and the website went blank. As it turns out, because had been acquired by Apple. According to VentureBeat for a small amount (between USD 1 and USD 1,5 million. was one the iOS apps one could use to discover TV content based on a wide variaty of sources (from Comcast to Hulu, from Amazon to iTunes) and was ranked amongst the top 15 entertainment apps in the Apple App Store.

Every move of Apple related to TV remains interesting as the company is still unclear about their real ambitions in this field. They have their Apple TV set-top box that does get software updates and they have sold well over 13 million devices so far. Apple fanboys and girls have been hoping for a big push of a TV product or even a TV screen for some years now but Cupertino stays silent.