Promoted Entries, GetGlue partners with Pepsi in a first attempt to monetize during Super Bowl

GetGlue Pepsi Super Bowl

Since te merger between GetGlue and Viggle is not going to happen, both companies have to explore other ways in staying alive. Like monetization. Traditionally, one of the first things to do is to explore an advertising model. GetGlue found their big partner in PepsiCo to introduce their version of promoted content: Promoted Entries. And it will be part of traditionally the biggest event in advertising: The Super Bowl XLVII.

GetGlue’s Claire Glendel describes it in a blog on GetGlue: “With the launch of Promoted Entries, we are offering advertisers a way to connect with their customers around TV shows, movies, and major events”. So what does that mean? So far it looks like some sort of ad that can be targeted to a certain audience. If liked or commented on, the Promoted Entry will appear in friends feeds. From the blog post at GetGlue one could derive that these ad’s could be video as well.

If you are going to watch the Super Bowl XLVII, don’t forget to check-in on GetGlue as there are also special Pepsi stickers to be unlocked.