Plex will now let you stream your own video’s on your Xbox

Plex for Xbox

Gaming and video are growing closer and closer to each other. One can see others play on Twitch and the game Myst will get its own TV series anytime soon. So it does make sense that gaming and video hardware are becoming more integrated as well. For instance by using your game console to watch your favourite series.

The Microsoft Xbox platform already has apps from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus but now it is also possible to stream all video you have stored on your own computer, NAS or external harddrive directly to your TV using the Plex for Xbox app.

Plex has been around for some time and offers a great service by generating a nice overview of all your video and photo’s and helping you to sort them and download posters and other metadata.

Plex for Xbox will be available for free for Plex Pass premium subscribers. Users of the free service have to wait a little and will be asked a small one-time fee for using the app.

Brand new Android app for Plex

Plex Kepler for Android

It took about two years, but pretty soon Plex will be introducing a completely new version of their Android app (code name Kepler). Plex, also known as Plexapp, Plex Media Center or just PMC is a partially open-source freeware media player software that has been around for some years now. It has a solid fan base and is competing with open source platforms like XBMC.

Next to the Android version, Plex is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, WP7, Google TV, Roku and a number of Smart TV’s from Samsung and LG.

A beta version will be available later this week for PlexPass subscribers in Google Play. Others will have to wait until the official launch.

See below a preview of the the new android version of Plex.