Zeebox launches SpotSynch; an automated advertising platform for second screens


Zeebox is introducing a second screen synchronisation technology as the foundation for their own automated advertising platform dubbed SpotSynch. With SpotSynch advertisers will be able to advertise their message on simultaneously on both screens. Rather important since research shows that viewers tend to look away from the television during commercial breaks. In the past people would switch channels or go to the bathroom, these days people check Twitter or Facebook instead. Targeting both screens at the same time might help to deliver the message better. Furthermore, the close integration of both screens can create new opportunities like second screen commerce (buying goods and services broadcast on the main screen via the second screen).

Viacom and NBC Universal and a few leading advertising agencies and brands will test-drive the new technology. The service will go live in both the UK and the US.

A first test was already done during the Super Bowl 2013 a few weeks ago with a campaign for Fast & Furious 6.