No Sony TVii for Europe

Sony Nintendo TVii

It is known worldwide that the European continent is a little more complex than, for instance, the USA in the sense that it actually is a collection of different countries with different languages and legislation. But this never stopped companies like Netflix in an attempt to concur the old world with a Video On Demand service.
Sony however does not feel it is ready to do the same. The Japanse giant has decided to stick to North America and Japan with their TV / video service for their popular Nintendo Wii game console dubbed TVii.

This decision might mean the end of the TVii project since it will become increasingly more difficult to get premium content as a small player in the very competitive VOD market And gamers are usually very critical consumers. On the other hand, most of them probably will use Popcorn Time anyway.

Sony to sign a deal with Viacom for its cloud-based TV service

Sony strikes deal with Viacom

Sony announced the service early this year at the CES promising a combination of live television, on demand and DVR. But no cloud without good content and good content is rather difficult to obtain. So where others have failed (Intel, Google) or are still working on it (no news about the Apple TV yesterday), Sony seems to have found a way to do business by striking a deal with Viacom. Sony will be allowed to distribute 22 of the Viacom channels over the internet, including popular channels like Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon.

Although it looks like a breakthrough, the only new thing here is the ability to access traditional lineair channels over IP and therefore on other devices than the TV set and the (technical) possibility to sell contracts anywhere in the world. However, it still will be (mostly) linear TV and Sony might encounter problems in countries where these Viacom channels are already being distributed by traditional cable companies.

Furthermore, one of the biggest reasons Netflix is so extremely popular has to do with the fact that they provide on demand content only. Somehow people seem to like this, so it has to be seen if the new Sony service is something that will attract the coach potatoes attention.

“Sony close to a streaming deal with Viacom”

Sony Internet TV

Sony has been experimenting with streaming & on demand video / TV with their Google TV set-top box, the Sony NSZ-GS7 (discontinued) and its successor the Sony NSZ-G8 as well as a on demand library that is available through their PlayStation gaming console. However, that did not stop them thinking about future developments. Today, the Wall Street Journal brings the news that Sony is close to a deal with Viacom allowing them to stream all the Viacom content like Comedy Central, MTV, BET, CMT, VH1, Nickelodeon and Spike trough their own Bravia and PlayStation platforms and maybe even their Xperia Smartphones and eReaders.

Since Sony is rumoured to be negotiating deals with Walt Disney Co., Time Warner Inc. and CBS Corp as well, this could the want to create a serious competitor of Amazon, Google and Apple on the one hand and Netflix and the like on the other.

Sony updates Google TV player NSZ-GS7

Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV

Sony is one the of most important consumer electronics companies pushing Google TV. With their NSZ-GS7 player they created their own version of a Smart TV box based on the Google TV platform. And now they have updated their software.

The updated version comes with a new user interface, the PrimeTime app and via the  Google Play store  the Amazon Video on Demand and the new YouTube app can be downloaded and installed.

Sony has also updated their remote control, the Sony NSG-MR7U, with voice activations commands. So now you can talk to your remote instead of using the keypad. The remote itself is almost a little computer itself with a backlit QWERTY keyboard on the backside and a big touchpad on the front.