Discontinued: Tesco will stop its streaming service Clubcard TV

Clubcard TV

Although it was a bold move to start their own streaming service, the British supermarket chain Tesco is already putting in end to it. In a way the idea behind it makes sense. At least if you know the history of television and know where the word soap opera comes from. But that was a different time with very little choice in lineair programming. These days, in a world of abundance with so much to watch, even traditional linear tv itself finds it increasingly difficult to compete with new companies like Netflix. Let alone a supermarket that was probably only able to get their hands on old reruns.

The above does not mean that video is a bad idea for Tesco. But they should focus on creating their own content around the topics they are good at. Why not start a cooking channel on YouTube, a video channel on how to use their products of even a food travel show to take the customer on a journey to the origin of the Tesco assortment. And this is just what I could come up with in 2 minutes.