Second Screen company TunedIn acquired by traditional publisher Axel Springer


Berlin based TunedIn, a Social TV app that facilitates social discovery as a basis for selecting streaming video  has been acquired by the traditional publishing company Axel Springer. The German publishing mogul was already working with TunedIn before the acquisition, so the take-over was not a complete surprise.

TunedIn will probably combined with another acquisition Axel Springer  did a year ago when they took over recommendation technology APRICO from Philips to strenghten their Axel Springer Digital TV Guide that already includes Watchmi – Personal TV from TV DIGITAL.

It is to be expected to see more of these kind of acquisitions in the near future. It seems there is a run for TV check-in services / Social TV discovery apps. GetGlue, Dijit, Viggle Miso, but also a platform like Vinson that was (re)launched yesterday in Barcelona are gaining momentum. Especially now Samsung is not only expanding in hardware with their HomeSync but also in apps with TV Discovery, a new Xbox that is almost there and of course Apple’s TV hobby Apple TV or iTV will show tight integration of mobile devices, apps and a big screen. More and more, the intelligence seems to be in the mobile device leaving the “Smart TV” as a pretty “dumb” but excellent display.


Rumble rebrands as Vinson, launches Stievie in Belgium


Formerly known as Rumble, Vinson wants to disrupt mobile TV. The are introducing a white-label OTT (Over The Top) solution for broadcasters, content aggregators and content distributors. One of their first projects is Stievie, a collaboration of three major broadcasters in Belgium allowing users to watch 9 channels on their mobile device.

The platform offers all a broadcaster would want these days. Live television, a TV guide, a PVR, time-shifting and the integration of social platforms. The only thing I did not see is integration with the big screen, but it can very well be this is completely out of their focus.

On the team of this Dutch company, we see Raimo van der Klein (mobile visionary and co-founder of Layar). Before it became Vinson, the companies was called Rumble. A few years ago, Rumble was part of the innovative IT company Triple IT. According to van der Klein they are still part of the company. The CCO of Triple IT, Ben van der Burg, is also a well-known innovator in the Netherlands.

See for a demo below