XBMC available for Apple TV 2

Apple TV

For those who think Apple TV is great but Apple TV with XBMC would be even better there is some good news. XBMC is now available for the jailbroken 5.2 version of the software (iOS 6.1).

To install XBMC, check out their wiki page.

XBMC 12 Frodo is finally here

XMBC Frodo

We had seen a lot of interesting features appear in the various beta versions, but last week Frodo finally arrived as the official new version of XBMC. XBMC, the open source Media Center based on the original the Microsoft XBOX (put them together and you know what XBMC stands for) is a media centre platform that runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, Apple TV and iOS. And since last week also Android. Very interesting as Android is used to power a broad range of Smart TV set-top boxes and Smart TV Sticks. With the possibility of TV becoming the new battlefield between teeh giants fighting for dominance, Google seems more and more in a good position with it’s dominant Android platform.

But that’s not all. Version 12 of XBMC also offers support for Raspberry Pi and Live TV with PVR. The latter makes it possible to have an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) that you can use to select the programme you want to watch or want to record with the Personal Video Recorder (PVR).

All details and downloands can be found at the website of XBMC